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Ways in Which Coral Reefs Are Essential to Human Beings

As a human being, it is important that at all times, you take care of yourself. There are different ways in which a human being can ensure that they have all nutrients required for the body, to stay healthy. One of the items that have been known to have a benefit to human beings is the coral reefs. The reefs are found in the ocean whereby; they tend to house lots of aquatic animals. These reefs can also be used to conduct research activities by marine scientists. To ensure that such part of the ocean does not vanish, it is essential that we take good care of the environment. So that the environment can be regarded as clean and safe, we need to stop throwing litter in the water sources. Apart from that, you can help to conserve the particular homes for these aquatic animals.

Once all these activities are well taken care of, both the water animal and the coral reefs will become healthy. There are numerous benefits that we as humans get from the existence of the reefs. It is from tourism activities that most countries afford to sustain their economies. Tourists are known to pay some fees to facilitate their visit in the ocean to have a look at the reefs. Snorkeling is regarded to as the best water sport which will help you have a look at the coral reefs. As you navigate in the water, you shall have a chance to look at different kinds of reefs found in the ocean. If you cannot afford to pay for snorkeling, you can as well try fishing. Another benefit brought by the corals is that they help to clean the air. Once the carbon dioxide produced comes into contact with water, there are many negative things that might happen to both plants and animals.

The coral reefs use the carbon dioxide produced to create new reefs thus, reducing the level of carbon dioxide in water. To ensure that humanity continues it is important that the food web is maintained at all costs. Apart from being a target area for research, the corals also provide a home for a variety of sea animals. The reefs are strong enough to provide protection for some fish thus, reducing their chances of dying. Once these small fish die, it becomes difficult for the bigger ones to find something to eat. As a result, the exiting food web will begin to fade away. It is difficult for the strong ocean currents to damage the beach and shoreline when the coral reefs are well placed. These reefs reduce the strength of the ocean tide and redirect them.

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